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Environmental impact

We safeguard our environment for the next generation

  • Completely carbon neutral – The data centers in which we are hosted have been working alongside Carbonfund.org since 2007 to help bring their dream of creating renewable, clean energy and reducing CO2 everywhere to fruition.
  • Telecommuting – stops CO2 emissions from unnecessarily being released.
  • Older server recycling – rather than piling up landfills, the data center repurposes dedicated and internal servers for clients that have lower requirements for resources before reselling them to others.
  • Trash reduction – waste is reduced with everyday practices like utilizing coffee mugs rather than disposable cups in our working environment.


Our staff works around the clock

We understand when your website isn’t online, visitors are unable to buy things from you. No one will be able to see your posts or contact info. Downtime equates to lost opportunities. We’re a small business too. These opportunities are our bread and butter. We have systems in place to alert of us even when we should be sleeping.

We’re here all year long, Our system administrators work hard to make sure that each server – yours included – is running at peak capacity. This is a passion. The practices we employ are considered the best in the industry. We enjoy looking into it. The servers we use operate in secure data centers. We take steps to ensure that your server has the most recent security patches available. As such, your website’s uptime will be at least 99.9%.


Four Redundant Backup Networks

If one of the links to our data centers went down, it wouldn’t affect us. Nor would we be affected if two or three of them went down. You will remain connected because our international transit carriers use the following backup networks:

  • 5 G Comcast
  • 10 G Cogent
  • 10 G Saavis/CenturyLink
  • 10 G Level 3

We also have Redundant Power (Diesel/UPS Generator)

Proactive Security

Professionally Tuned Servers

The proactive protection we provide against security threats and malicious hackers is unrivaled! The Perpetual Security we offer for hosting protection is consistent and unrelenting. We are able to squash threats well before they grow into something bigger. Some features include:

  • 24/7 security monitoring all year long.
  • Server hardening.
  • Virus scanning.
  • Brute force-type defense.
  • Dual firewall for web hosting.
  • DDoS protection that is reinforced.
  • KernelCare – automatic, reboot-less, and daily kernel updates.

Don’t become a victim of a random or targeted DDoS attack. These malicious attempts to interrupt a network or website involve a flooding of online traffic from several computer systems that have been compromised. Our professional defense solution from DDoS attacks are reinforced to provide immediate attention, high scalability, and quick migration. It can be difficult and complicated to mitigate any type of DDoS attack. Our solutions help your website stay online in the midst of a DDoS attack, no matter how sophisticated it is.


Cloud Optimized Operating System

Our CentOS powered version of Linux is supercharged and purposely developed to accommodate the growing needs of a website. It can isolate and regulate resource spikes. Needless to say, Cloud Linux OS offers unheralded website availability.

Boosted Speed

Fast Solid-State Drives

A comprehensive SSD solution provided for your website, database, and operating system.

  • SSDs are used for just about everything we use. They allow you to get the greatest speed boost you can. As such, our company’s SSD Hosting is capable of loading pages quicker than our competitors. Even our own website is hosted on SSDs!

Regular hard drives are only capable of performing hundreds of output/input functions each second. On the other hand, our SSDs can perform thousands of them each second! You don’t have to worry about bottlenecks or any moving parts – our SSDs are capable of making your website truly fly!

User Controls

cPanel Access

For over 20 years cPanel has been the industry leader providing an interface that is intuitive, simplifying the ways you can manage the following:

  • Emails
  • Databases
  • Software
  • Domains

Easy Setup

One-Click Installations

We understand the frustrations of finding the right application for your website needs. We wanted to make things easier for you. Our cPanel installations now includes Softaculous software library at your finger tips.

  • The icon for Softaculous should be clicked to begin the process. You can find it in the control panel of your cPanel dashboard. You’ll be able to install this software with just one click. The process couldn’t be any easier! You can install all kinds of things, including content management systems, e-commerce solutions, blogs, and more. You’ll also be notified automatically whenever an updated version of this software becomes available, and that, too, can be updated with one click.
  • You will see several different software applications available. Some of them include OpenCart, Magneto, Drupal, Joomla, PrestaShop, and WordPress.


LiteSpeed Web Servers

The Litespeed Web Server features we use offer an Apache replacement (drop-in) that speeds up loading time for website pages 20 times faster than regular hosting. Why are Turbo Servers so quick?

  • Improved stability.
  • Manages connections more efficiently and faster.
  • Uses less memory and CPU in comparison to Apache.
  • Powered and optimized by Turbo Cache and OPcache/APC.
  • Less users on each server.

According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, a delay in page-loading – even by one second – results in a decrease of 7% for conversion rates, a 16% reduction in user satisfaction, and an 11% decrease in page views. Slow hosts are not something you should become a victim of.


Rewind Backups for Your Servers

You no longer have to worry about deleting things accidentally, making mistakes, or corrupting data! A Server Rewind can be used to recover files for free. You can have data restored easily based on saved snapshots anytime a recovery is required.

  • Free – the program is completely free to use.
  • Exclusive – the program can only be used with our hosting!
  • Convenient – access the control panel to use Server Rewind.
  • Automatic – snapshots of your account are backed up regularly.
Data restoration and backup are conducted to the best of our ability. You are encouraged to create data backups on your own. Our company isn’t responsible for loss or damages because of failure to restore a file.

Web Optimized

HTTP/2 Integration

HTTP/2 offers significantly quicker loading times for website pages than standard HTTP does. This can be attributed to its capacity to deliver multiple HTTP requests simultaneously, as well as prioritize them. HTTP/2 sends files 20% to 30% quicker than regular HTTP. As per the SPDY project by Google, HTTP/2 is the first notable update to HTTP since the year 1999!

No worries, HTTP is still supported.

Content Delivery Network

Average page loading speed is 200% quicker

Enhance your website’s security and performance even more at no extra cost! The Cloudflare CDN access we provide is comprised of a series of servers internationally connected that automatically establishes the quickest route to display your website. Its benefits include the following:

  • Free – CDN access is a paid service for many hosts (but not ours).
  • Increased uptime – your website’s traffic will be automatically routed to another nearby server if the existing one it’s using becomes unavailable.
  • Simple set up – set up the CDN with one click.
  • Universal SSL is free – keep visitors safe with an SSL at no extra cost!
  • Improved security – Cloudfare’s CDN isolates and blocks malicious threats well before they can reach your website.
  • Enhanced website speed.

Fault tolerance

RAID-10 Storage Configuration

One of our goals is to assure you we’ve done everything possible to make sure your data is available. That’s why our solid-state drives are hosted on a Redundant Array of Independent Disks configuration known as RAID-10. This allows us to provide you:

  • Faster reads AND writes – Drives that can perform both tasks at the same time to improve disk performance!
  • Storage Redundancy – Combined mirrored physical drives into one virtual drive.
  • Fault-Tolerance – Quick recovery of data in the event of an actual disk failure. If one drive fails data can quickly be rebuilt to the existing disks!
  • Upgradability – Ability to add more drives to a configuration at anytime without powering anything off.

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